September 05, 2008

A Good Old Fashioned Rant

I hate facebook.

There I said it.

But before some of you ask "then why do you have a facebook account?", let me continue. I hate facebook for a variety of reasons. However, I also like if for a variety of other reasons. The main reason I like it, and still have an account, is for the messaging. People I know in both far away lands as well as locally, who also have facebook accounts, are easy to get in touch with. That's really the main reason I'm on the stupid thing.

Now onto the hate!

What sparked the idea to write this post is that today, in my e-mail, I received a message informing me that someone I know on facebook has invited me to join a group called "1,000,000 AGAINST THE NEW FACEBOOK LAYOUT!". I promptly denied the invitation and was about to go on with my sorry existence when curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take a peek at how many people where in this group, and what was being posted on the message boards and such. Well, I have to tell you that my disgust was at least triplicated (I think that's a word) and I suddenly felt a great deal of pity for these poor souls who obviosly have nothing better to do than to discuss and bitch and while and complain about the horror that will be unleashed on the world when the new facebook layout becomes the only layout they have to choose. I know, I know, it will be tradgedy.

...and it's not like it's a small group either. There are over 160,000 members, almost 2,500 posts on its main forum, and 51 disscussion board topics. People are talking about cyber-revolutions, and protests outside facebooks headquarters, and by reading their previous posts you can tell that these people are actually serious about this.

What has this world come to when you can't get a person to help an old lady get up after slipping on an icy sidewalk, but there are 100,000 cyber zombies talking about revolution and protests over a fucking website.

It just really makes me sick....and not just this topic, but the fact that this fraking website has become so quickly engrained into our culture. Daily you can hear people say "Oh that picture would make a great facebook profile", or "I'll facebook you later". Now granted, I will admit that that I have said these things. However, now that I have reminded myself of this, I will promptly vomit all over myself both as a sort of repentance, and because I have, in fact, just made myself sick.

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Miss Julie said...

If I were you, I would not return any good karma to those boogers.